The Galapagos Trip - February 2007.

Here is Steve at the start of the trip - with his favorite treat

Steve's 172 in Quito

Quito from the air

Quito from the air, #2

Mirage jet that asked Steve to land

Quito Volcano

Turtle swimming



Marine/Water Iguana

Lots of Iguanas


Birds fishing

Blue footed Boobie dance

Our Boat - The Islander

The Equator


Flightless Cormorant swimming

Frigate Bird in flight

Frigate bird in heat


Iguana on the rocks

Puffer fish

School of fish


Nasca boobies on rocks

Masked Boobie

Penguin and Iguana

Two blues

Two blues 1

Two blues 2

The lounge

Shelly Equator

Shelly and Turtle

Seal on Rock

Seal and Pup

Sea Turtle

Masked Boobie

More penguins

Sea Turtle Great 1

Sea Turtle Great 2

Sunet from Daphne Major