The Adam and Tami Heller Wedding

Welcome to the Cho-Heller Wedding web site. On Sunday afternoon September 5, 1999 Tami Cho (daughter of Susan Cho and the late Mon Cho) and Adam Heller (son of Steve and Shelly Heller) were married by the 18th hole of the Pebble Beach golf course in California by Adam's long-time school friend Rabbi Elliott Goldberg. What follows are the first pictures from the Wedding taken with a throwaway camera.

The wedding weekend started on Friday night with a Sabbath dinner at the Hyatt hotel hospitality suite.

On Saturday night Shelly & Steve Heller hosted a small dinner for some 140 of the out-of-town guests. Everyone had a wonderful, fun time at the dinner.

On Sunday morning Steve and his father Sanford (91 1/2) spent the morning playing some tennis. Sanford hits a mean cross court shot.

On Sunday the BIG event started, with everyone riding buses from the hotel to Pebble Beach.

Adam & Shelly just before the wedding.

Tami signing of the multi-layer papercut Ketubah, which Shelly & Steve commissioned Archie Gronot of Jerusalem to create.

And now for the wedding...First there is the wedding party.

Then everyone began to sit down by the 18th hole for the ceremony.

Then came Tami's neices and nephew (David).

Steve, Shelly, and Adam walking down the aisle

Under the chuppa with the Rabbi and Josh and Matt, as well as Bubbies' head in the right foreground.

More pictures of the wedding ceremony will come soon.

Ethel and Sanford Heller (with Matt and Linda Heller) making the blessing over the bread before dinner.

Tami wanted a centerpiece to reflect Chinese and Western cutlure and boy this is a knockout. The wedding souvenir, a water/snow globe (one of 500 Adam now has) is on the table.

Adam & Tami toasting a table where many of the young relatives sat, including Abby and Naomi

And last, but not least, the wedding cake.

More to come later (in the fall of 2000) when we get the pictures back from the wedding photographer.

This page was lasted updated on 16 August 2000.